I'm still weighing the pros and cons of different LF formats (4x5, 5x7, and 8x10) and had mostly wanted a folder because I just plan on using one normal lens (or maybe slightly longer than normal) and I wanted to maximize portability.

Well I was looking into some 4x5 options (Wista VX, Horseman FA mostly) and I read that a 150mm/210mm plasmat doesn't fit. I can probably get an alterntive lens or reverse those but then that got me thinking about a monorail since they are usually cheaper and easier to use....I'm still unsure because I've never owned one.

I want a LF camera for portraits and want the flexibility to take it on-location but I don't plan on using it hand held (hence no desire for a VF/RF or a press camera). I'm not going to be hiking up mountains and so maximizing portability isn't the biggest concern (but I do really like portable cameras).

1. What are some portable 4x5 monorail options? Of varying price ranges.
2. Do you feel that they are more cumbersome to carry than folding cameras for my intended use? (ofcourse subject to varying opininos).
3. How do you transport them? My thinking was just to keep the camera mounted on the tripod and the lens in a bag or something...I'm unsure...the cases seem kind of bulky and weighty...
4. I haven't looked at the compatibility of ALL 4x5 folders but are there 4x5 folders that would collapse with a 150mm/210mm plasmat? I haven't looked too much into the compatibility and I'm not 100% set on those lenses...just trying to see which options are viable and which are not.