Are you saying that you want the camera to fold up with the lens mounted so it will be more portable? If so, this is probably overkill. You will need to bring more than just the camera - e.g., holders, light meter, perhaps a foldup reflector for portraits, cable release, loupe, and probably a few other things. You can easily solve the portability problem with a decent camera backpack, like a Lowepro. I use one of these to carry my Wisner 4x5, about a dozen film holders, loupe, light meter, spot meter, notebook, cable release and so on. The whole package is light and very easy to lug around. Keeping a camera on the tripod is a pain, and lugging a monorail around is a bigger pain.

Given your other post about expense, and given that it looks like you want to shoot mainly portraits, check out the Super Graphic. They are very light, easy to use, very durable (metal body), and have more movements than most people think (although you won't use that much for portraits). There are a few on ebay at pretty nutty prices but look at the "Completed" listings. They usually go for no more than $500.