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get the monorail--they're ALL portable. Folder limits you and costs more. it's a no brainer. i've never seen a 4x5 that can't be carried on a tripod...with the lens attached--a lightweight tiltall tripod in fact--but you'll want a heavier tripod for stability and why not--the camera's so light you can afford a heavier tripod weight wise--with a nice gear center column maybe. you want portraits, maybe alonger lens than 210...telephoto if you want to keep the extensions smaller.
+1 exactly. I've carried a Calumet around on my Tiltall since 1977. Now I'm putting that Horseman monster on it. Can't carry around a Tilltall with a Horseman 8x10 on it. It's like a Mack truck sitting on top of 3 toothpicks.