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I shot 100 rolls/yr for many years, but now it's less than 20/yr because I sot everything around here and can't afford to travel much. I do deepen my vision, though, and the rolls I do shoot have a lot more good ones than in the past.
The first sentence is like either blasphemy (on the order of 'I already have cute photos of my kids, so I cut back. Or ' I've cut back on kisses to my wife from 100 to 20 because she already knows I love her"') or admitting waning creativity or admitting the need to additional challenge. No need to travel. On the LF forums, we've got people who never leave a mile from their home it seems, and people who only photography pixies and towels wrapped up into bowls, and other similarly intense focus, and it's paying off. Get into other formats, different lenses, different processes, photographing people. Deepening vision and getting more shots per roll is always a good goal, and different formats are a tool to force some of that. If you're only shooting 20 rolls now because it gets you as many pleasing photos as it used to take with 100 rolls, that's great simply because it saves you much time and effort to get what you're after.