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Well my thinking was that people get folders because they are more compact and easier to transport. If I were to choose to use a lens that does not fold up in my camera then is a folder still "benefitial"?
sure its beneficial .. the camera isn't the only things you bring with you when you use it. with a small format camera you don't need to bring film separately, or a light meter or a dark cloth.
with a large format camera everything is separate .. film holders, meter, filters, meter, dark cloth, sand bag &c. if the film was installed in the camera ( roll film adapter ) and you
were sunny-16-ing all your exposures and used a kalart rangefinder specifically calibrated for your lens, then i would still say bringing a lens on a lensboard is minimal to bring.

I can understand the advantages for folding if I were to use roll film and a rangefinder but for my intentions, the folding requirement which I had previously imposed on myself seems maybe unnecessary for the 4x5 format.
a lot of people use roll film and a range finder. with linhof cameras some say the rangefinder focuses more precisely than the eye on the ground glass, and roll film,
why not there are more choices for lenses, from old and brass to new and sharp to magnifying glasses even, much more fun to use roll film and a not so boring lens ..