Tom, I love the Horseman. Even the way they look. One of the coolest big cameras around and certainly one of the most well-made.

My 8x10 is a 1950s all-metal Kodak Master 8x10. It is not that heavy - around 12-13 lbs, I think - and it folds up beautifully. I have two different methods of transport:

1) For urban photography or in any situation where I am only hauling it a short distance from the car, I used an old suitcase on wheels. It holds the camera, a 14 inch Commercial Ektar, a 600mm Artar, 5x7 back, holders for both 8x10 and 5x7, incident meter, spot meter, loupe, cable release, note book and a few small odds and ends. I strap the tripod on top.

2) For hiking in the woods, I use a large Lowepro backpack and it barely holds all the junk mentioned above. I usually have to bring a few less holders. Sometime I decide to go either 8x10 or 5x7 in advance, which lightens the load. Of course, when I get to where I want to go, I always want the other format. Rather than strapping the tripod to the pack, I carry it in hand, partly to balance the weight of the backpack and partly to defend myself in case of a zombie attack.