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It's a personal thing. Depends on how and what you shoot. I've used my flash maybe a half dozen times in almost forty years. Others use flash all the time and couldn't get by without it.

BTW, the Minolta SRTs are great cameras. I still shoot the first one I bought in 1968!
Also, a fellow named John Titterington (email: JTCamera@aol.com) is a great repair tech -- in case your meter gets stuck or the shutter bearings dry out. He's a whiz with SRTs! Very reasonable prices, too.
Found this page YEARS after it was posted, but John Titterington is still working on SRTs, and also occasionally sells them on eBay. In addition to cleaning them and making everything right, he also calibrates the meters to work with modern batteries, which is a far better alternative than the Wein cells most people use.

I had an SRT200 with 45/2 back in the late 1970s, and just bought another one from John. It is OUTSTANDING.