I agree with Doc W, if you're on a budget or not the Super Graphic is a great camera, I don't really recommend Crown Graphics due to their lack of movements, I do use one at times.

Choice of camera is quite personal, I had a couple of monorails, I bought the first a De Vere WP, HP & 5x4 in the mid 1970's and it was just impractical to use outside a studio because of it's weight and size so I switched to a Wista 45DX for its portabiity. In 27 yeras I've never run out of movements with the Wista and the De Vere sat unused until sold last year, I had a second monorail (A Cambo) and used that in the UK on occasional trips back it was practical to use out in the lnadscape but I much prefered a field camera.

By chance I found a Speed Graphic for a bargain price - it had some issues which I resolved (replaced some parts). This became my main5x4 camera in Turkey, enough movements for my uses and very quick to set up reasonably light and easy to use hand held.

I like to work quickly and once I'm in the locations Im shooting in carry my LF cameras set up ready on a tripod, (as in the above video). I also shoot 10x8 and carry my agfa Anscos thesame way.