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Picked up a "barn fresh" Miranda F at the flea market a few weeks ago, just got around to replacing the light seals and bumper today. Its dirty, dented, missing almost all the tiny little screw in thumb stubs for things like the prism lock, apeture prevue, and one more I can't remember which one. Apeture blades were sluggish and some grime inside the lense, so I disassembled it and cleaned it out. CLA throughout the body and this thing is woking like a champ now! Not too bad for $10 and a Tuesday afternoon. And yes, I am going to leave it all dirty on the outside.


I found one in a dumpster a few years ago. It was painted in a camouflage pattern with acrylics, had a Soligor 350/ 5.6 lens, and was mounted on one of those shoulder stock thingys.
Ammonia removed the paint, the stock went back into the same dumpster, and as a bonus, the lens is a T-mount so I can use it on the Pentax H1a I picked up a few months ago. The Soligor lens is surprisingly good.