I have no experience (yet) with the Fuji X-Ray film, but I'm going to order some straight at Fuji Medicals HQ overhere in Europe. I have sent them an email inquiring. They replied quickly and are willing to send it to my company. They asked me first though if I understood it was X-Ray film for medical purposes, what I wanted it for and how I wanted to develop it - to make sure I didn't get the wrong stuff for my photograhy. But when I explained the experiences from people on this forum it was no problem at all.

I'm going for Fuji Green HRT. I made this choice after reading a lot of discussions on APUG and viewing a lot of prints from these negatives.

These sizes are available:
S-HRT 18x24 cm : €91.48
S-HRT 24x30 cm : €152.65
S-HRT 30x40 cm : €254.31
S-HRT 35x35 cm : €240.77

Every box contains 100 sheets of film. Prices including VAT.
About the sizes: 1 inch = 2.54 centimeters (cm).

I'm going to get me the 18x24 cm size for my old Russian FKD plate camera and the 35x35 cm for a wooden pinhole camera I'm going to build. It's not that expensive and I like to test something new also.

BTW: if there is someone who would like to join this order, send me a PM. Only add shipping costs to your address.

Bert from Holland