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In the late 80s I bought a Miranda G with 50mm lens. It had a clip-on meter that attached to the top on one side. I bought a waist-level finder, and used it for a few years. I think it had a mirror lock-up? I also bought a Sensorex with 28, 50 and 135 lenses. I think the 50 was a Miranda product, and the other two were Soligor. This camera used a different lens from the G, as it had a TTL meter and used an external coupling on the lens. I think it also had a type of spot meter. In 1989 I swapped the lot for a Nikon F and 50mm. I wish I had kept the Mirandas, although I really liked the Nikon and wish I had kept that too! Alex
Miranda parent company also owned Soligar. AIC (?) the parent firm was a US company. Miranda did not make lens, I have read over the years that lens were made by Kowa, Tonika, and others. It is unclear if the lens were Miranda designs or just rebranding of others. Years ago there was a posting on the internet alleging that the Japaness government did not want a US company owing a Japaness Camer Company and drove Miranda out of business.