I have such a kit. AE prism finder, motor, 5 lenses - 110, 180 soft focus, 250, 65, and 50 ULD, 4 or more film holders - I would have inventory the kit, not all together. A bellows lens shade plus rubberized shades for all lenses. I bought the 50 new.
The whole kit is 'like new' other than 1 film holder I bought separately that is a bit scruffy.
I bought it from a woman Japanese wedding photographer who only took posed pictures, never used the camera off tripod about 4 years ago. It looked brand new then. It still looks that way. I have only shot a couple of rolls on it.
I am cleaning my collections right now and things are scattered. I think I have more film holders.

Would you be interested in this extensive a kit? If so I will get it all together and send you a confirmed list - and take photos so you can judge for yourself.
Best Dennis O'Leary dmoleary@mindspring.com