@Gerald: You're absolutely right about this film not being meant for "normal" photography of visible light, but it seems to be usable.
Just type in Fuji HRT at Flickr and you'll see nice examples. Here are a few (at random):

using a 8x10 camera

using a pinhole camera

developed in HC-110


These examples are good enough for me to try it myself. I agree with Tom about prices too. I can't hardly find any good film for reasonable prices for my old Russian FLD plate camera, using 18x24 cm negatives. A box of Ilford Fuli FP4+ costs about €130 for 50 sheets.
The best price of normal film seems to be Fomapan 100 (50 sheets) for € 80.
But the X-Ray film is 100 sheets for €92 so the cheapest to experiment with, especially in my self build wooden pinhole cameras.
And I love a good experiment.

Oh, and Tom: no hogging taken - you're welcome.