"I tried the DIY/cheap way out and it was actually more expensive to go that route with buying all the parts and the time involved. "

Absolutely. But sooo much fun.

"Well, Chan, if you are serious about using a roller drum..........."

That is the route that I am taking now. I've just done some initial testing with SS reels and tanks on a Unicolor drum roller. Results are acceptable as far as even development. I have to fine-tune rotation speed mind you, and / or development time.

To head off the "get a Jobo" comments, I do have an ATL. It just isn't cut out for EFFECIENT volume processing. I have at least 10 SS tanks that I use when I do my processing marathons.

I plan to rig up a couple rollers and DC motors into a wide wallpaper trough, using my "maguyvered" tempering bath controller to keep my chemistry and tank at process temperature.

I have way too much time on my hands. Heh.