I'd have though that generally speaking it was the camera body that was capable of taking the harder knocks and it was the lens that needed protection, so I'd put that product into the 'another stupid thing to sell to photographers' folder.

But given the price of film bodies nowadays, and you had a cherished body you didn't want the usual wedding detritus on (champagne, cake, cigarette stubs and sick), wouldn't it just be easier to buy another body, or upgrade if your camera system does a more weatherproof body? For instance Nikon F will take all the abuse in the world and is capable of a delivering a knockout blow in the post wedding fight between the warring parties. Or an Olympus OM4 will not only shrug off a bottle of beer but could probably be used as the bottle opener.

I am unclear though if at the wedding in question it is your wife getting married, or somebody else?