A terrible list, basically a greatest hits of the easy picks for the past 175 years.

Seriously, Araki is the only Japanese photographer on there? What about Moriyama, Tomatsu, and Hosoe?

Any photographer should be aware of all the people on this list, at least to understand the vernacular of the medium, but knowing 100 of the most well known/influential -anything- is almost overkill. It's like PDN or Pop Photo creating a list of the 5 most iconic medium format cams
1. Hasselblad
2. Rolleiflex
3. Holga
4. RZ/RB?? Maybe? Probably not...

I can't even think of any other iconic choices. From afar you would be hard pressed to tell a Pentax 645 from a Mamiya 645 from a Bronica ETR, from just about any other choice. Mamiya RFs are popular, and great, but I would hardly call them iconic outside the world of photographers.

It's self-referential tripe that serves only the people who wrote the damn list. Frankly I'd rather see a list of 100 artists (not limited to photographers) that I've never heard of, but should know. As for my influences, I get more from HR Giger, the Surrealists, Abstract Expressionists, and Vermeer, Rembrandt, and Degas than I do from most photography. Compositionally I'm partial to the Europeans, as far as the actual aesthetics and physical appearance of photographs, I'm partial to the Provoke school of Japanese photography. After that it's anyone's guess.