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Wow. That looks perfect; thanks so much for looking around! I'm not sure why everyone doesn't just buy safe and cheap LEDs like this.. photo marketing is something else.

I plan on ordering everything in the next few hours, so if you or anyone else gets this, do you think I should get 2 of those; and should I get amber or red?
The photo-marketers guarantee the spectrum of their lamps - not so with these sorts of LEDs. All it takes is a slight change in production processes to make these LEDs unsafe for darkroom work. As these LEDs are not represented as being usable as safelights, the vendor doesn't have any reason to worry about telling its customers about such a change.

That being said, I tried some similar LEDs and they worked out, so I am happy.

Order at least two. I ordered three from the source I used and one was damaged in transit.

Red is more likely to be safe than amber. If I was ordering now I would get both, because if the amber is safe, it is brighter, but I have other safelights in hand and I have experience testing safelights before use.