Hi Everybody.

I'm letting go of the last of my m42 stuff since I'm not using it anymore (and I'm not going to use it again since I got my Leica M4)

I have a Praktica mtl 5b with 50mm f1.8 and 28mm f2.8 pentacon lenses. and there's also a Yashica TL Super. I would like 30 euros plus shipping for all of this.

The Praktica is working on all speeds. The light meter is working and is quite accurate. Viewfinder is clean although there's a tiny bit of coating damage inside the prism, doesn't affect the viewing through the viewfinder.
The 50mm pentacon lens (rebranded as a revuenon lens) has smooth focus. There's dust in the lens, and a tiny bit of oil on the aperture blades. The aperture still functions as intended though. The 28mm pentacon lens also has smooth focus, very clean glass and a dry snappy aperture. The front part of the lens is a little loose (there's a screw that needs to be tightened somewhere) I've used it as is though with no issues. These lenses are actually great performers.
The Yashica is mostly considered a free bonus. The slow shutter speeds are sticky, the viewfinder could need a cleaning, and the meter isn't working properly. It has mirror lock-up though, which is a cool feature.

I also have original Hasselblad front and rear body caps, plus a rear lens cap. I would like to get 25 euros plus shipping for these three items.

Last but not least I've found a very rare original lens hood and lens case for the Fujinon 100mm f2.8 m42 lens (I used to have this lens) I would like 20 euros plus shipping for this rare item.

Pictures of everything is here:


Please add 3% to the final costs to help cover the paypal fees.