what hassy said -- if you want to invest, go for a highly diversified portfolio of mutual funds of mid- and high-cap stocks and at least AA tax-free bonds, with the ratio of stocks-to-bonds weighted to bonds depending on your age and retirement plans.

Avoid commodities. Gold really sucks right now.

If you want to have fun, buy a camera that you really want and use it. If it can be sold for what you paid for it in 20 years--your heirs will be lucky. Meanwhile, you got 20 years of fun out of it.

Even if it depreciates from $2,000 to zero -- that's still only $100 a year, less than $10 a month.

Best $1,300 i ever spent was for a Bianchi road bicycle 10 years ago. When I'm done with it, it won't be worth doodie, but I'll have gotten 30 or so years of use and better health out of it. I'd call that a darn good investment.