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This is what Hasselblad says about parts for film cameras:

Spare parts for analogue camera products can be supplied for at least 10 years after production stops. Hasselblad will to the best of its ability supply spare parts for analogue camera products up to 20 years after production stops.


So at least to 2016, and maybe up to 2026. If you're concerned, why not contact Hasselblad and ask specifically about where things stand with the XPan?

Presumably parts can also be swapped from the Fuji TX cameras, though I doubt very much that Fuji itself would touch the Hasselblad-branded version.
Thanks Oren, you went right to the point: when I talk about "investment", it is not really because I am thinking of re-selling the camera one day, but because if I spend 2000 Euros for a camera, I want it to last a long time. I really consider your suggestion: I will try to contact Hasselblad in Germany (where I live now) and ask till when they plan to provide camera repair. I haven't thought of buying Fuji TX actually because of this reason: it's more likely that Fuji already does not provide camera repair... but maybe I'm wrong. I'll check on that, too.