I've spent the last 2 days printing and processing my batch of postcards. Made a few errors yesterday which required reprinting today.

First time I have printed such a large number of prints, I had a nice rhythm established through my Nova tanks and was printing in four batches of 10 before leaving the darkroom to head across the hallway into the bathroom to my wash station. Until I left the darkroom I didn't realise that I had caught the edge of the negative on the edge of the image so that was 10 that needed reprinting, the next 20 or so seemed okay and it was only after completing the final 10 images I realised that I had various wavy edges to the images, it took a moment or two to dawn on me, the level of developer had been consistently dropping from when I started and these edges were the result of no development, when I looked harder there were also a couple from the previous batch to so I ended up with another 23 to print today.

The only other mistake I made was not checking the orientation of the postcard printing on the back, so there are a number of cards which have the printing upside down, as the image was okay on these I have decided to send them out as they are, there are 10 of them so if you get one consider it a 'very special edition'

I was very surprised to see that I am the only member from the UK taking part.

Now comes the painful bit, writing out the backs of the cards. Does anyone use a printer for this? I was thinking of throwing them through my laser printer, especially as I have 23 duff cards to trial it on first.