Just got mine today, haven't even loaded a roll yet, but had a couple of questions for you guys.

I can see how the spools would allow the roll to run loose in back, read something about putting some tension on the film spool so it hold a bit tighter. Wondering if you had to/should do that to both the film spool and take-up spools? And any recommendations on how? Seems like it would be easy enough to just wedge a bit of card-stock in.

I did manage to get on the tail-end of an e-bay auction for the Russian glass lenses, and won the 114mm lens. It's coming over the pond from EU, so it will probably be a while till I see it. I'll run a roll of color through the stock 90mm lens, and another when I get the glass 114mm, and post samples.

BTW, first post here. Found APUG when I was looking for info on the Belair.