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Oh man. Sorry to hear that. Brutal. But did you say bail him out...again?
Yeah. In the 8 months since he came up out of the woods as a little starving kitten, I've used up more than a box of shells shooting animals who were after him. I even got a fox who actually came up on the porch where he slept one night, and got a picture of that fox dead, but I won't post it here. In bad taste. Yesterday it was a coyote that killed him, I think. And I just sat here listening to all the racket and did NOTHING. I just thought it was more pack dogs after another coyote. Where I live you can't get up and run to the door with a gun every time you hear one animal killing another.
So one slip-up, just one, and now that sweet little kitten is dead. Why am I telling all this? Sad day. I hope they don't ban me. Thx.