Kodak Full Plate Glass 6½” x 8½” x 1.5mm thick

I found these two boxes of full plate glass while doing an inventory of my 5x7 glass plates. When I bought them several years ago, I soaked them overnight in a javel solution to remove the dead emulsion and now they are crystal clear, ready to be reused by the affectionados of dry plate. As the photos show, I have 19 clean plates in two original Kodak boxes, just so you know the provenance. It is not a commonly used format today, although, one film company does and annual run of that, and other unusual formats. I know, I still shoot film in that format.

So, I think that full plate glass, 6.5x8.5 inches is rather rare, especially given that it is 1.5mm thick. Not a thickness you’ll find in your hardware store. The thinnest commercial window glass is 3mm thick. Anyway, I figure somebody doing alt processing might have a use for them. I’m taking a blind stab here so correct me if I’m off the mark. I thought of selling a box of 9 and a box of 10, @$5/plate,

$45 for 9
$50 for 10,
$85 for the lot.
Plus postage.

Shipping is from Canada and payment through PayPal within 2 days. 2% goes to APUG.

The plates will be posted with insurance coverage and tracking. The true price will be entered on postal declarations. Customs and taxes are the responsibility of the buyer.

If anybody has questions/comments, or wants more pictures, give me a shout. If you want the cost of shipping, I will need your Postal Code (Canada) or zip (USA), or country, if other. I usually ship within two days of payment. If you live in Montréal, I will deliver it
Thank you!