This is a pre-1950 Mmaiya-6 folding 6x6. It has a coupled range finder, no meter, focusing attained via thumb wheel and moving internal film plane(awesome technology for its day). Has a Zuiko 7.5cm/f3.5 lens, speeds of B-1/500 Seikosha Rapid shutter. Film exposure counter along with a red window on the rear door. Multi exposure capable, also has exposure flag when shot has been taken, and a release lever to advance film(which also resets the exposure flag). Range finder is accurate and easily seen. Has DOF scale coupled to range finder scale on top. There is an accessory shoe, not flash capable(no connection on shutter). There is a crack in the view finder window, does not interfere with view or focus. Comes with original leather case, which is in vg condition considering the age. Bottom of camera is marked with "made in occupied Japan". Leatherette cover is in vg condition.Appearance wise, I would rate this at 8.5-9 out of 10 , function wise it is close to spot on as a new camera.

$175usd plus shipping and insurance, paypal or USPS money order accepted, as always I cover pp fees