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Some of the best photojournalism was done on film, distributed via primitive equipment like the old Harris AP scanners.

Photojournalism has never been a high paying career. Usually just enough to live on and do what you love.

$40 per assignment fee's are not worth my time- 10 assignments a week won't cover my cost in this cheap town I live in.

IF I have bill-able assignments totaling a weekly average of $1000.... after expenses I still barely clear $30,000 a year.
I'm 47... If citizen journalist get a fix for free or for $40 fine, I'll find a new thing to be passionate about.... and their passion will wane, and I understand the moneybags people don't care who does the job as long as there are people lining up to work for free or almost free.

All I know is next time an organization like Bloomberg calls me I'm not working for $200. If someone else thinks working for a place called Bloomberg to "get their foot in the door, or build a portfolio" for $200 for exclusive rights, don't say I didn't try to tell you, you will be 47 and wondering why you tried.

No disrespect to anyone, yes I am venting. I eat lunch once or twice a year with a 85+ year old WWII photographer, he see's his footage late at night on the Time-Life WWII video collection advert. ...poor guy can't get away for the horror... and Time Life is making the money on that too.

It's not just newspapers... the "top shelf" area advert agency, stopped using people with $20,000 rigs and experience two decades high. A high school kid with a DSLR his dad bought him is the new go-to video production house in the area. It just bites what technology has done... I tried to warn this youngster not to get too excited because the kid he needs to worry about is likely in 6th grade......