Howdy, on a recent trip to Japan I realized half way through my 3rd roll that I forgot to manually set the ISO on my Ricoh GR1v since I was using my generic uncoded cartridges. So, when I came back I was pretty disappointed about losing some awesome shots etc.

So, I set about to deal with it the best way I could. I opted for the D76 1:1 since it would be a little less active than the Tmax dev. The results were pretty good I think. I developed at 20C, 10.5min, with 3 inversions every minute.

The only things I detect are the sort of uninteresting contrast/tonal range though I was developing pretty cautiously without my super hard agitation regiment. Which leads me to wonder if the draw backs of a two stop pull are just a function of my agitation regiment or if this film has a decent two stop latitude because it shoots great at 1600 too.

Just thought I'd blast this nugget of info into the ether if there were any other kentmere 400 "freaks" out there.