I like my recent purchase of a Xpan and 45mm lens. I wasn't comfortable at first with the $1600 price tag either but you will get over it once you see the wide negative as it comes out of the final rinse.
It is still less expensive then most of the German rangefinders and other high end film panoramic cameras. It is probably more durable then the Widelux,Noblex, and Horizon, because it has less moving parts. The 90mm is not cheap but is attainable if you save a little, the real bummer is the expense of the 30mm lens. It would be nice if the lenses had a bit more speed to them but they are medium format and have there physical limitations.
If it turns out you do not care for it you can always resell it for about what you paid for it. I think film cameras have dropped as far as they will in value, after the rise of digital. The mass market stuff is really cheap now and a lot of the higher end equipment has dropped enough in value the rest of us can afford to purchase them 2nd hand now.