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OK, here's the results. 10 shots ruined out of 36. Not too bad I guess. Lesson learned!!!
That's par for the course, no doubt. I am glad for your sake, and the info is useful too.

One of the things you have to watch out for with the manual bodies is that the film leader actually catches. If it doesn't, it will advance the film counter without advancing the film. That is one more reason to wind up the slack on the spool and check that the lever turns when you advance the film. This happened once or twice with me and caused me to lose good opportunities.

I couldn't imagine a much better travel camera than an FM2 with a few small primes. The FM2n I have cost me $15, missing a battery holder. I grafted one from a smashed up F3, and now have a fully functional camera for next to nothing. The guy who sold it to me got it with a lens, and he is shooting D only. So when he bought a lens from me and I asked what else he had, he showed me the lenses and also the FM2n as if he had no idea what it was. When I asked whether he'd sell it, he said just give me $15. I didn't complain . Still looking for that FM3A bargain, though.