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Dear All,

9cm x 12cm 25 sheets is a stock item in FP4+ / and a 'Usually in Stock' item in HP5+ and DELTA 100 Professional,
but is obviously deemed a European size, and very rarely ( if ever ) gets shipped to our distributor partners in the USA or Canada.

We will make it available during this ULF run and future ULF runs in North America. So orders will shipped in August to arrive in North America September.

The list of item numbers are below.

We will be advising our ULF resellers in North America only as soon as possible, but DO NOT try to order from them before
Monday 17th June as they will not have received the pricing information before then and updated their systems.

Anyone who wishes to order will need to do it fairly quickly after that date as all ULF run orders must be placed with our re-seller partners no later than Friday June 28th, I have also noticed that some of our ULF partners have cut off dates a couple of days in advance of June 28th.

FP4+ 9cm x 12cm 25 Sheets Item Number 1678361
HP5+ 9cm x 12cm 25 Sheets Item Number 1629109
DELTA 100 Professional 25 Sheets Item Number 1743472

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Yea the cut off date of the 26th instead of 28th with some retailers is annoying, don't they know we get paid on Fridays! Lol

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