I received my first postcard this morning from Uwe Pilz, very nice image, would have been even better had the Royal Mail not run two pinky orange tramlines across the image.

Mine are all ready to go, I wrote the names & addresses out by hand this afternoon, but before that I ran them all through the Laser Printer (after about a dozen trials to get them how I wanted them) to put the info on them about the image, it worked really well except I didn't think about the static issue and they were all stuck together after they came out of the printer. The only way I could discharge the static on them was to throw the lot in a bucket of water for a few minutes and them put them back through my dryer, thankfully it didn't take too long.

My wife is off to the Post Office to pick up 38 first class airmail stamps and a single UK one for Simon, so all being well they will be in the postbox for the morning and coming to a mailbox near you all soon.