Hello everyone, long time lurker and first time poster here. I bought my first darkroom setup yesterday, which includes two enlargers (Omega DII and Omega C67 with C700 colorhead), chemicals, lots of accessories and tons of expired paper. Among the stuff is a good quantity of Ilfochrome and Cibachrome paper, plus the chemicals to process it. My only darkroom experience is developing film and my initial goal in purchasing this setup was to do B&W prints.

I have done some research about the Ilfochrome process and it looks interesting, but I don't do much slides, because the chemicals aren't available here in Canada (I think? I didn't do much research about it) and sending the film to the lab ends up to be quite expensive.

Space is a bit of an issue, so I'm pondering what I should do with the Ilfochrome stuff...Should I sell it ? Or keep it if I change my mind in the future ? I have read that this stuff doesn't keep that well. As I said, I don't have printing experience and I was planning to do only B&W prints for several months, as my first step in learning. I also just purchased my first Tetenal C41 kit from B&H, so colour work is not out of question.

Thanks for all the replies!