Hi Umut,

It's a rich man's game and I'm not a rich man. I'm thinking about this mostly out of curiosity as I've never shot neg film in a cine camera. I am a very low level user these days - one roll per year at best. I know there's Velvia being cut down but that's not good for people shooting and there's rumours of a new Agfa film but that may be 200ASA - too fast for my camera. Back in the early '90s I found my father's Kodachrome movies from the '70s and he had footage of me learning to walk. This year I shot our boy doing the same on 100D. In years to come he may find that reel and hold it up to the light. He won't see much of interest if it had been neg film. This is probably the end of the road for Super 8 and me but I might splurge $100 for another 200 seconds of magic.