I work for a bank in the US. Bank transfers, as in wiring funds, is very common but not so much person to person for something like a camera purchase. More like for certain large investments, moving large funds from one account to another or buying property and wiring money to an escrow company as a down payments at a home purchase closing. That said anyone could do it easily by just walking into their bank and requesting a wire transfer, and generally if done before 1pm its at the other bank the same day or early the next morning. That said with Google Pay and Paypal its is much easier than the bank for wire transfers (which can cost $20-35 but is often free for customers with decent account balances or with mortgages at the bank). Also some banks have recently started, Wells Fargo, Bank of America and Chase in particular, have set up the ability to move funds from one bank to another unrelated account all done online. I have sent money to my sister this way, Wells Fargo to Chase. First time usually takes a few days though. I've also moved money from my Wells Fargo account to an online HSBC and ING Orange accounts the same way. No charge but takes 2-3 days to post.

More concerning to me would be the whole sending you photos of the camera they are supposedly selling from a completely unrelated eBay auction!