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I have had Ilfochrome paper that was much older than one year old, that was never in a freezer throughout that time and where pictures came out just fine. Before you toss out your stash or repurpose it for non-photographic tasks, I'd highly recommend you give it at least a try. Some time back I wrote an article on APUG where you get instructions for amateur use of this material. The biggest requirement is a color enlarger which you seem to have anyway.

I have seen all kinds of film scanned or printed on RA4 (negs) and Ilfochrome (slides), but in my opinion you haven't seen colors until you've seen Kodak E100VS or Fuji Astia optically printed on Ilfochrome material, even with the simple means of a small dark room.
Granted that the OP has an enlarger with a color head, but where on earth did this myth that you need one to print color come from??

I printed a LOT of color back in the day, Type R, Ciba/Ilfochrome and RA4, and I've never owned a color head enlarger. A filter drawer above the lens, which pretty much all condenser enlargers have, and a set of color printing filters and you're good to go. It's not as convenient, but given all the other inconveniences of exposing and processing color material it's a tiny additional annoyance. The color head is more of an advantage for negative printing than positive because you can make finer adjustments with the color head and need to do so more frequently when printing negatives than slides, but I got by just fine even for RA4 with CP filters down to 2.5 - or .25 or whatever, different makers seem to mark them differently. Ilford made a set specifically for Ilfochrome (I still have them, don't know if they've faded) that only go to half that fine adjustment, 5 units, which was always sufficient for me (Drew might find a print that was only to the closest 5 units totally unacceptable but it was a barely perceptible difference to me!) for printing slides.

It works fine. No one should let the lack of a color head stop them from getting into color printing, if they want to give it a try.