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did you hear this yet ?

oodles of people saying it
i am not sure whose i like best
maybe ES or M-B-W

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More critically, does anyone really know how to pronounce Brassaď properly? Since I've finally bought a book of his work. Also, I still don't dare mention László Moholy-Nagy in the real world - mostly because only academics really give a shit about his work, but also because I CAN'T GOD DAMN SAY IT!
brassaď is pronounced like " braaws ay ee " the two dots over the the ď ( tréma ) makes it so you pronounce both vowels separately
laszlo moholy nagy is pronounced in hungarian like "mo-hoy-neug"

moholy nagy is the godfather of modern graphic design and plastics work,
he did much more than make bauhaus perspective, and type+graphics-photographs and invent photograms ( simultaneously with manray ).

thanks shawn

- john