Oh yeah... the dyes did change quite a bit between the original Cibachrome and the "self-masking" second version. After that, the main difference was just a lower-contrast tweak on the same thing. Oddly, I think the original dyes were the more permanent of the two. But you
had those artsy types early on doing going goofy things with it, like developing in Selectol to get ghoulish greens, or exploiting the bright reds.
Typical adolescent use of a relatively new medium, just like with inkjet today. I can only think of two print I ever made which had a dominant
red. Ciba had a pretty remarkable gamut if you bludgeoned it to death with enough masking and avoided certain hue categories. It was a lot
cleaner than the chromogenic prints of the era... but they have since evolve along with color neg film to the point that even if Ciba could be
affordably reintroduced, I wouldn't switch back, that is, except for that stockpile of chromes I've got. All my new work is being done neg.