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I was reading more and it seems that age matters too.

I believe some didn't have front movements until after WWII? I'm referring to Agfa, Deardorff, and I believe B&J (those are the ones I looked into). I'm not sure about Kodak but I believe they have the Kodak Master 8x10 with movements.

I'm not sure on the prices of these cameras with movements but that is my impression: pre WWII = no front movements ; post WWII = front movements.
The Century Universal has front movements, made in the 30s. I've handled one, and if I had no other 8x10 would be pretty happy with one. http://www.largeformatphotography.in...rsal_8x10.html I don't know what they go for these days, less than a Deardorff for sure.

Pre 1950 Deardorffs had 'no' front swings, but you could use rear swings to get the job done.

I'd say front tilt and rise is much more useful than front swing.