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brassaï is pronounced like " braaws ay ee " the two dots over the the ï ( tréma ) makes it so you pronounce both vowels separately
laszlo moholy nagy is pronounced in hungarian like "mo-hoy-neug"

moholy nagy is the godfather of modern graphic design and plastics work,
he did much more than make bauhaus perspective, and type+graphics-photographs and invent photograms ( simultaneously with manray ).

thanks shawn

- john
OK, I'm sticking to typing them. Neither is anything like how I was guessing.

I caught about 2 minutes of the Today show the other day and they were giving some highlights from some recent study of regional pronunciations of words like caramel. The maps for each word were different, too. Kinda interesting (and something that's been discussed a bunch on APUG - especially the two countries divided by a common language stuff).