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What's even more fishy is Audioman hasn't logged into APUG since the 17.12.2012 acccording to his profile.

I've had two emails from him via APUG in response to two WTB posts and am awaiting photos. Lets see what happens.

Couple of days ago ago, I received two responses, via APUG, to two WTB ads I had posted last month in APUG. Audioman Offered to send pics. he was from Spain????

Yesterday, I received an email offering me a Speed 4x5 when what I wanted was a Speed lens board. Thought nothing of it until I just read this thread and the light went on in my head.

So if "Audioman" hasn't logged on since the above date, how did he know about about my two WTB ads posted in May, 2013?

Inquiring minds want to know!