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Hello all -
My wonderful Ebony 617 is for sale. I've owned this for several years now, and have treated it better than my baby. It is a wonderful camera, and while it has been well used, it is still in pristine condition. I bought this camera after trying every other 6x17 camera available. It blew them all out of the water, both in terms of function and beauty. Why pay a fortune for specialty lenses, when you can use any lens on a Linhof/Wista board with impunity? Further, it is so much easier to compose on a ground glass, than with a viewfinder. Everything on this camera works as it should and locks down tightly. The Horseman back takes four 6x17 shots on a roll of 120 film, and holds the film excruciatingly flat. What more might one ask of any camera?
If you need further information on tilts, draw, rises and falls, go to either Ebony.com, or Badgergraphic.com for the whole story. This is a great camera, and much stiffer than any knock-off available from other companies. The going price for the camera is presently north of $8,000. I would like $6000 + shipping. Best of all - and thanks for your considerations - Ed
Do you still have this?