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RE: The Oak, Weight is a consideration but the machinability I'd think would be better with Cherry or Mahogany.
Smaller sizes are around the net and at Rockler.com
At this point, weight is the lowest factor on my list of considerations for a working LF camera. Ultimately, the "final product" (in quotes as if there is such a thing...) will be in carbon fiber and titanium. I love working red oak, I know its properties well, its density is on par with mahagony and others, but the most important feature it has is being paid for already. I like cherry, its nice and all, but it not as tough as red oak. Plus, the red oak I have is already at <10% moisture content, extremely stable dimensionlly.

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Gerald, your comment is not taken in jest. I have been thinking about something as simple as that for my first working mock-up. Mainly I need to figure out exactly which back and inexpensive lense I want. The less money the better, and repair is not out of the question.