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That looks overexposed on my monitor. Did you have a skylight filter on the lens? Summer day like that is going to have tons of UV light, and film tends to be oversensitive to blue light.
No filters, just bare lens on my Yashica D.

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Take a look at the gentleman's left arm. It is exposed just right. His shirt is white and it's going to blow out a bit becasue of that. Was the sky light blue or dark? I don't think there is anything wrong with your negative. It's what was done to it afterwards. Was it scanned too light? Did you tweak it with software?
I was using the Sunny/16 so the exposure is withing a 1/3...or should be. I may could have dropped it 1/3 to gain some saturation...but I think I need to learn to scan better. I really don't know how to scan "darker" as I am the only film guy I know right now in my area. Trying to meet more to learn this kind of stuff. Should I have a few prints made with color correction done to see what things should be like?