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So you make your own RA-4 prints? Because getting the correct color balance in the analog world is not an easy task and every single adjustment made is a wasted sheet of paper and chemical.
nah, I was in digital for a brief while and soon moved back to analog B/W. I am actually starting to make my hand on printing in black. I'll keep on shooting some trasparencies and some digital if I really need colours.
Next step planned is developing colour film and slides my own... probably next year.
If I'd really need to print something in colours I know a pair of profs who will give me their help (for money of course...)

Moneywise a capable PC + a good storage device + a good scanner + a decent monitor + the tool for balancing colours + a decent printer + papers and inks...
well, perhaps you can waist that pair of prints and still be on a bargain