Got an upcoming trip planned to Blackrock, Nevada to fire off a rocket with Scouts. I'm wondering what black and white I should shoot. Once that's settled, I'll take advice on "what" to shoot, for example scenery or documentary...

I'm a Kodak guy and have some 4x5 TMY-2 I can crack open in the freezer, but I want to save it for more traditional "Sierra" photography and I hear there's going to be dust and wind - and you know dust and 4x5 aren't the best friends. So maybe I won't shoot LF.

TMY-2 is my go-to film so I am pretty much set on that. But desert might be better suited to 100 TMAX. Or maybe some slower film like Panatomic-X*.

Other options I'm considering, 6x9 folder (also not "great" with dust), TLR.

And of course I could fallback on 35mm. Leaning towards this because dust typically is a non-issue in 35mm. No motor drive though.

*Not like... really - when I say Panatomic-X I mean it - from my small stockpile.