These sorts of questions would be much easier to answer if the inquisitor were a bit more specific. Are you asking if there are any "bad" Zuikos? That answer is easy - No. Back when photographers actually cared about image quality, photography magazines ran lens tests. Zuikos invariably tested as among the best - comparable to Zeiss and Leica glass.

If you are asking for size recommendations, that depends on the type of shooting you do. For landscape work, any of the 28's paired with a 35-70 zoom will probably fill your needs. I just got back from a trip to Alaska where I carried the 28f2.8, 35-70f3.5-4.5 and 135f3.5. The main reason for this selection was that they all take the 49mm filters. The A200 t-con (1.5X teleconvertor made for the IS cameras in the 1990's) was also in the kit. This extended the zoom to a 35-105 with essentially no loss in aperture. It also turns the 135 into a 200, but I rarely need a lens in this range so the 135 got pretty much no use.

The 35-70f3.6 is renowned for it's image quality and is great if you are just going to mount one lens, but it is very big (for a Zuiko) and takes a 55mm filter, which disqualifies it from my travel kit. Mr. Maitani built the 40f2 specifically to be part of his travel kit. It is a lovely little lens, but after years of trying it has never replaced 35mm as my preferred and most used focal length. It is a good fit for rangefinder shooters though, as Olympus RF's all used real "normal" lenses is the 40 - 42 mm range. If you really like wide shots the 28-48f4 is a great little lens to carry.