Rittreck 4x5 with New Bellows
$425 or best reasonable offer

This is a well-used but functionally intact Rittreck 5x7 body with a 4x5 International back, complete with fresnel.

New bellows and new flocking all around. Approximately 17" extension total, and you should be able to focus a 75mm lens on a flat board, if I recall correctly.

Front rise, base tilt and swing; rear tilt, swing and shift. The back can revolve 360 degrees and has ground glass and fresnel. The camera is functionally excellent. One thing: there is a missing set-screw which would keep the front standard from extending out past the end of the gear; this doesn't jeopardize anything. If you find you're at the end of the gearing, just push gently backwards, and you're back on.

The new bellows is of a sturdy leatherette material, light-tight and should last decades with proper care.

I've got one, maybe two more of these I'll be restoring -- neither one as nice as this one -- then that's it from me. So if you like this model camera, this is your chance.

Camera weighs about 9 lbs 2 oz, so expect 10-1/2 lbs shipping weight from 90027. Priority Mail preferred, but UPS if you request it.

Please Note: I wait until PayPal funds transfer into my bank account before shipping. This usually takes about 3 days.