I just made 2 prints, 8x10 size. When I was washing the first one, I thought it looked soft and a little out of focus. So I went and re-focused the enlarger and made a second print. It was quite noticeably better. The only difference was how far my eye was from the focusing sight. I confirmed then when my eye was closer like the first time, I end up at a slightly different "best" focus point. My eyes are not very good anymore and they are getting worse. Time for some prescription reading glasses I'm afraid. Do you all think that will solve this problem, or will it still matter... am I going to have to "calibrate" on my eye's distance from the grain focuser?

This makes me worried about focusing my cameras too. I keep my glasses ( near sighted correction ) on when I focus the camera... so what "distance" should be correct when looking through an SLR viewfinder? Maybe it's a good thing I like to use old scale focus cameras too!