Deardorff 5x7
w/ 5x7 and 4x5 backs, and Original Case
$1650 or best reasonable offer

This camera is my pride and joy. I bought it a bit over a year ago, but family health issues and economic pressures force its sale.

I believe that I'm the third owner. The person I bought it from said that she bought it from a retiring photo studio owner in the Atlanta area some years ago, and she used it for class work while studying photography then tucked it away.

It functions like a new camera! There are some scratches and dings on the body, but it's in surprisingly good shape for a mid-1950s vintage camera.

It also has dividers for the 5x7 back, and its original case.

The bellows is pretty much perfect, with no light leaks.

There is a glitch in the finish, seen in the last two pictures of the camera: It looks like that part of the camera bed got rubbed against in the case or something, maybe while being transported from job to job. I don't know, but the person I bought it from didn't disclose this to me; I'm interested in full disclosure, so I'm mentioning it here. The finish was rubbed off pretty much down to the wood in that spot. I believe this could be "patched up" but I don't want to attempt it. I've taken $150 off my idea of the value of the camera for this reason.

I'm not going to belabor all that this thing can do; the web is full of specs. But I will offer to send along a ZIP file of all the photos I took of the camera and case for your inspection, if you so desire.

Of course, feel free to ask any questions.

If you don't want the case, I can keep that and take $100 off the price.

I also have some lens boards available for $35 each; ask and I'll photograph those and send along to you.

The camera plus 4x5 back weigh just under 8-1/4 lbs together; figure 9-1/2 lbs shipping weight from 90027.

The camera and backs and case weigh about 21-1/4 lbs together, so figure 24 lbs shipping weight.

Please Note: I wait until PayPal funds transfer into my bank account before shipping. This usually takes about 3 days.