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The magnasight is a good one, maybe you can try opening up your lens a bit more to let in more light or dimming your safe light. You might even be able to hold your magnifying glass above the magnasight.

Look for areas that are easy to focus on such as sharp or contrasty edges in the image. Things like text or building edges etc.
Yes. I always do search around to find good edges or contrasty areas... you're right. The second time, I turned the safelight off and that could easily have contributed to better focus. I'm going to go to the drug store and check out some of those reading glasses. I have a feeling those in combination with the magnasight might be the answer, and maybe to always turn the safelight off for focusing.

I've had several prints that didn't quite look right since I started using the magnasight. So, it's time to deal with this so I don't have to worry about it!